Deputy Commissioner's Message

It's a matter of great pride and privilege to join as DC Bhopal.
Education system in the current situation is undergoing rapid changes in terms of focus areas, options, Indianization, vacational needs and technology. As school leaders, we need to constantly reinvent ourselves to the changing requirements and aspirations of the society. NCF is talking about sweeping changes in Examinations, childhood pedagogy, language skills and vacational skills.
There's a need for us to read deeper into NCF and bring about modifications in KVs wherever required. But as school leaders we need to ensure such changes in a smooth manner. For that we need to take efforts to explain the actual policies and need to our stakeholders such as parents, students and teachers. Getting stakeholders to develop growth mindset from their fixed mindset may be daunting for all of you. But that is the need of the hour. We need to be very clear on what is essential and non essential in our school activities and try and increase the essential activities more.
We will build on our strength and bring a bit changes in a few areas that are needed with your enthusiasm and involvement. All students of KVS Bhopal region are dear to us. We need to facilitate their proper learning and ensure their academic achievement and well being within the time frame of their schools days. As said by confucius, “ We have two lives . The second begins when you realize you only have one.“
Looking forward to working with you to serve KVS Bhopal Region well.

Warm regards.

R. Senthil Kumar
Deputy Commissioner
KVS Bhopal Region