About KV No.1 Bhopal

KendriyaVidyalaya No 1 Bhopal has the privilege of being one of the oldest and biggestschools in the Bhopal Region. It came into existence in 1964.
Till1975 K .V. No 1 Bhopal was affiliated to Madhya Pradesh Boardof Secondary Education. It is also has privilege of being the first CBSEaffiliated school (Affiliation No 1000001) in the Madhya Pradesh.
Initiallythe School was started with two sections in each up to Secondary level. SeniorSecondary level classes started in the early seventies. Very shortly afterthis, it was expanded section wise up to four section in each class.
Basicallythe KVS are meant for the children of the Central Govt. Employees, but thechildren of all the categories including State Govt. and Private sectors.
KendriyaVidyalaya No 1 Bhopal excels in all fields and fulfills all the parameters ofeducation.